tisdag 12 februari 2013


A sculpt I've worked on at my lunch breaks. 
Based on JB Monges work.

Now back to würk! :)

onsdag 26 september 2012

Alien Egg


I did this alien egg from the Alien films not long ago, I had some restrictions which was to keep the model under 1000 triangles and with a texture of 256x256.  Due to lack of time I decided to do only the egg as good as possible and not model a face hugger.
I modeled one half of the egg and then mirrored a copy to make a whole egg, using ZBrush it was easy to make it seamless.
The base of the egg is unique without any copy and mirroring. Together, the egg and the base gives a model with variety as seen in the picture below where every copy of the egg is rotated 90 degrees and looks different from each angle.

And here's the result, lit and rendered in Bitsquid. 

C&C are very welcome.


onsdag 19 september 2012

Continuing the orc

I've done a couple of changes to the model, mostly to the proportions of the body to get him look even more mean and dangerous. But also to his armor, to give it a low-tech look. I've refined a couple of things and have used Dynamesh in Zbrush to accomplish otherwise cumbersome modeling, man I love that feature!

Thanks to my friend Jakob Pålinger who helped me find the matcap I use for this model at Zbrush central, check it out!


torsdag 21 juni 2012

More sketching


Some more sketches, som are old some are new. 


onsdag 20 juni 2012



Today I had the time to continue to work on my latest character.
I intend to do a character that would fit in in the latest games out there, to see if I can do it :).

So far I've done a concept, and I've blocked up the model with all its various parts. 

I also went ahead and started to model the body to get the anatomy working and in place. 

I painted on the model to get a feel for what I want, so that I can nail down the colors now and save my self some work in the future.
Not sure about all the colors yet though, need some more painting around. 

fredag 15 juni 2012

Great news and sketches!

So, this Tuesday we released our game "Krater", in which I've been doing some character modeling and texturing. The game is awesome and it feels real great to be part of it! 
Check it out!

I realized I don't have to scan my sketchbook to show what I've done, like back in the days. 
Now I just use my smart phone and take some pics, sure it's not the same quality, but it's enough and it's faster. Haleluja technology! 
This are a couple of months old.

More to come soon!


fredag 27 april 2012


I couldn't help my self from beginning a new piece out of the experience of previous metal surface studies. 

So this is  what I came up with.

And then I carried on with the studies...